He ran up to me after school with his face quite serious, so serious that I was a bit worried.  He tugged my arm, looked into my eyes and said, “Megan, I have a problem, and I need your help.”

As I looked into his concerned eyes, I thought maybe someone was sick, or hurt or something worse….as all the school children ran passed me calling my name I walked away from them with my arm around this little boys shoulders.  He’d been in Respire Haiti‘s school from the very beginning and lives close to my house.  He often comes and knocks on my door to ask me to come and play with him- in his 11 short years of life I’m sure he’s seen and been through so much, but his smile and compassion have endured it all and are so encouraging.

As we walked away, he pulled me closer and began his story….”I have a problem….but I think you can help.  I have a friend who lives at my house…the same house as me…She’s 15…but she’s never been to school, and she really wants to go to school.  I told her maybe she could come to this school….can you help me?”

My heart lightened and I began to smile….his concerned face changed and mimicked my smiling face…his eyes lit up and he knew what the answer was before I even said a thing…


(Recently we met with Limye Lavi and were introduced to an Accelerated Program for children who have never been in school.  They complete 6 years of school in only 3!  We decided to start this program at our school next year, during the same time as our normal school day, so all of our kids go to school together whether they are in the “Remedial” classes or the normal schooling.)


I looked down at precious Wilky and said, “Of course your friend can come, bring her to my house today so I can meet her!”  He hugged me so hard he practically knocked the wind out of me and then turned around skipping and yelling like crazy.

I turned to my best friend Kat (who just arrived last Monday- Praise God) and we laughed about how excited he was to get his friend in school and joked about how we never got that excited about school, ever.  As funny as it was to see his reaction, after a few seconds, it kind of sunk in how important this was and my mind began racing again…partly because I know how incredible this is that Wilky sees the importance of education and learning FOR ALL and partly because we are out of space for our Kindergarten-8th grade.  At capacity.  Full.  I am the last one to ever want to say….”The Inn is full.”   Or to turn down this precious girl that Wilky wanted so badly to have the same opportunity as him…this precious little girl who came to my house today freshly bathed and dressed just to meet and who is now enrolled in our Accelerated Program next year…

Wilky and Danya

To have to turn down an 8 year old or 12 year old wanting to enroll themselves in school….it breaks my heart.  But we never want to compromise how well our children learn by having too many children in one classroom…

So…I’ve been praying about this for a while…and after seeking great counsel and more prayer—we decided that God is definitely calling us to expand the land we own on Bellevue Mountain.

This is the last 2.2 acres available on Bellevue Mountain.  It connects to our current land and is just passed our flat part of our land…and closer to the Carribbean.  It’s beautiful.

Part of the 2.2 acres of land we hope to purchase on Bellevue Mountain (You can see our sign in the far back middle that is standing on our already purchased land.)

If we had this land, we could increase the amount of classrooms we build…we could make our Community Center bigger, our Medical Clinic bigger…ALL of Bellevue Mountain would really be a place of peace and freedom.

Often times trying to ask for money via blog or internet is difficult—but because I am in Haiti all summer and not going to the States until the fall, I am completely trusting HIM to stir people’s hearts to give to this….

The cost for this land is $55,000.

Please pray about supporting us, please share this blog with your friends, businesses and churches and please email if you have any questions (respirehaiti@gmail.com).  We believe in God’s vision for Bellevue Mountain and this community and we are prayerfully and boldly asking you to be a part of it too.



**If you would like to donate online please click here and put BELLEVUE LAND in the notes section.  Or you can mail a check to Respire Haiti         215 Karen Drive     Lafayette, LA 70503