This is not a normal blog post for me…just because I live in Haiti, in my own bubble of Gressier’s poverty and need, sometimes I forget how the rest of the world lives.  But since coincidentally I am in the states for a few weeks talking about Respire Haiti, I recently experienced a bit of “normalcy” in the world of America.

Let me start off first by saying, I Love Football.  Yes, I really do.  I’ve been a Saints fan since the day I was born and was even a Tulane Cheerleader (shhh…don’t tell) and I was the cheerleader who would forget to say the cheer because I was watching the game so intently…

So now that that disclaimer is made, I can start saying what has puzzled me most recently in the land of America.  Sunday, February 5, 2011.  Super Bowl Sunday.  Big game.  Lots of Parties, Food and Fun.  I am all in for that…as I reiterate that I Love Football, I also Love Super Bowls….but now let me tell you what I DON’T love, and what I am SO confused by….

Businesses paid an average of $3.5 million dollars for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl….let me say that again…$3.5 million…yes MILLION.,. for 30 seconds…For 30 seconds when there’s a good chance people will be using that time to race to the bathroom….or refill their drinks…or grab some more crawfish dip (Shout out to Mrs. Bebe Haha)


While I am in the states raising awareness and funds for Respire Haiti my mind was blown…$3.5 million.  For 30 seconds.


I could NOT stop thinking about what I could do with that money….that $3.5 million would FINISH the WHOLE school.  IT would build the library, computer lab, medical clinic, community center, pavilion….that money would make these dreams that all of these Restaveks and Orphans have in Gressier a reality.  Education for thousands.  Freedom for hundreds of children.  $3.5 million would have completely built Heartline’s Maternity Hospital they want to build, and save HUNDREDS of mothers and babies.


But then again, I thought, well I’m in America, it’s hard for people to know about things they don’t see….sometimes it’s hard for people to care about Haiti…so, giving a little grace I stopped thinking about MY organization…and thought of the HUNDREDS of others here in the U.S of A. that $3.5 million could help….

….I thought about all of the SCHOOLS that are underfunded in America…all of the foster children and orphans that are struggling here in the States…I thought of my old workplace Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana…what could THEY have done with this $3.5 million.


For 30 seconds…these businesses could have built schools, rebuilt lives, fed children, healed people…

And I know…in the end it’s ALL God’s money.  In the end, God ALWAYS funds what HE is leading.

Call their commercials marketing.  Tell me how they probably give to charity other times.  Remind me how GREAT the Super Bowl is…  But ultimately my mind is still spinning at the reality of how much money was spent on Super Bowl Commercials.

But still…I can’t help but think…if Budweiser would have given Respire Haiti or any of these other organizations…even just 5 seconds of their 30 seconds…we could have built CHANGEFREEDOMFOREVER.