I was recently given the opportunity to write a piece on child slavery in Haiti for an online magazine called SheLoves


Megan! Megan! Come, see! Someone is here for you!” I heard my neighbor yelling from the front gate. As I tried to see who it was through the downpour and the dark, I decided to go outside and check. I ran through the rain and opened my gate. I looked down and saw six-year-old Michaelle, soaking wet, looking exhausted with some clothes balled up in her hand.

 …She finally looked up from the ground and said a sentence I’ll never forget as long as I live: “They said they don’t want me anymore … that you can have me.”


To read the rest of the piece and check out more of SheLovesMagazine,” click here! I’m so grateful for this chance to spread more awareness about the child slavery situation in Haiti and am praying God would use this to continue to break the chains of oppression here.